The Florida First Amendment Foundation

For more than one hundred years the rights of Floridians to know what their government is doing in their name and at their expense has been under almost constant assault.  Even a cursory review of Florida case law on the issues of access to public records and public meetings will reveal a remarkable litany on nonsensical attempts by public official to frustrate our right to know.

Thankfully, the Florida First Amendment Foundation has been one of the most effective and consistent defenders of access to records and meetings.  Under the able leadership of Barbara Petersen the FAF has been an invaluable resource for citizens, the media, legislators and other public officials throughout Florida.

Each year, in conjunction with the Florida Attorney General the FAF publishes the Government-In-The-Sunshine-Manual.  The Manual is the “go-to” source for anyone needing an authoritative guide to public records and sunshine laws.  The FAF makes the Manual available in a hardcopy and an electronic version.  If you care about access, get the Manual.  The Manual is also available free-of-charge as a searchable PDF.


Barbara Petersen, President of the FAF and Joel Chandler, Executive Director of CAFI in a recent brainstorming session about open government issues.

The FAF also hosts educational seminars and webinars throughout the year.  Check the FAF website for upcoming events in your area.

For citizens who have specific questions or need help gaining access to records or meeting the FAF provides a toll free hot-line.  The number is (800) 337-3518.

Please consider joining CAFI in supporting the excellent work of Barbara Petersen and the Florida First Amendment Foundation.


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