LGBT Weekly: Judge overturns order to disclose documents detailing publication of Regnerus’ junk science


WASHINGTON – In a disappointing move, a Florida state court judge overturned an earlier ruling that the University of Central Florida (UCF) must turn over records related to the publication of a debunked 2012 study conducted by discredited anti-gay researcher Mark Regnerus that demonizes gay and lesbian parents. The ruling comes after UCF appealed a November ruling.  Regnerus’ research, which continues to be cited in courtrooms by opponents of equality, has been called into legal question not merely for its results which have been scientifically shredded by years of credible research, but also because the study was underwritten by the Witherspoon Institute, an organization with a history of distinctly unscholarly anti-gay activity.  In a marriage equality case in Michigan, a court recently found Regnerus’ testimony entirely unbelievable and not worthy of serious consideration.

The 2012 New Family Structures Study raised red flags among family scholars for its results that suggest that children are less likely to thrive when raised by gay and lesbian parents than if raised by straight parents. The study is a clear outlier among 30 years’ worth of social science that suggest that children thrive equally well in two parent households, regardless of the genders of their parents. It was soon revealed that Regnerus’ study utterly failed to control for error. The study’s so-called “straight” households featured heterosexual parents in committed, long-term relationships, whereas the so-called “gay” households failed to feature same-sex couples in comparable relationships. READ MORE

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